From a complete inexperience to nursing care. I love seeing the smiles on the faces of our customers.

Care workersVibel Ota Oshima Town


Joined in December 2021

Please tell us why you joined the company.

I am from Brazil and came to Japan when I was 6 years old and entered elementary school in Oizumi Town, Gunma Prefecture.
After graduating from junior high school, I worked at a factory, etc., but one day my father introduced me to me and said, ``I have a job like this.'' It was ``Hydrangea''.
I knew nothing about nursing care work, so I was naturally nervous, but I also wanted to help the family in any way I could, so I decided to take on the challenge.

Please tell us the details of your work.

I work as a caregiver at Vibel Ota Oshima Town.
I basically work the day shift, but sometimes I work the night shift.
There are many different jobs to do, such as greeting the child in the morning, preparing tea, and assisting with the toilet and meals, but the most difficult task is assisting with bathing.
Although our users look forward to their bath time, there are many dangers such as slips and falls, so we pay special attention to their assistance.

What do you find interesting, rewarding, and joyful in your work?

I love seeing the smiling faces of my users.
For example, during recreation time, I have the opportunity to participate and play games with the users.
It makes me really happy to see everyone smiling and having fun.
This is the moment when I realize that I am glad I started working in nursing care with Hydrangea.

Please give a message to those who are job hunting.

I started this job with no experience and no training.
When I first joined the company, I really didn't know anything, but all the senior staff members taught me carefully, so I was able to learn the job.
If you are interested in starting a career in nursing care, I will do my best to support you, so please feel free to contact me.

The flow of one day

Here we will introduce an example of the daily flow of the staff working at the Hydrangea Nursing Care Center.

Transfer (meeting)
Medication assistance
Diaper confirmation
Basic assistance
Meal assistance
Toilet assistance
Bathing assistance
Cleaning and environmental maintenance of living room

We are looking for people who can grow together through fun nursing care work!