A fun workplace where you can spend time with great seniors in your life who you discovered through the language of flowers.

HRI ChallengerVisene Tataranuma Park,Vibel Tataranuma Park

関谷 宣子

Joined August 2017

Please tell us why you joined the company.

Previously, I worked at a special nursing home for seven years, doing nursing care work.
A while after I retired, I went to Hello Work to resume my job, and there were many welfare facilities named after various flowers.I love flowers, so I was wondering which flower to choose, and the name hydrangea caught my eye.I learned that hydrangeas have the meaning of ``harmony and family togetherness,'' and I wanted to work here.

Please tell us the details of your work.

I also work as a consultant in a managerial capacity for the two Tataranuma Park facilities.
My main job is to listen to the concerns of users and their families, solve problems, and provide advice.Many of our clients' families live far away, and we are curious about how they are spending their time, so we often receive inquiries over the phone.
I am also responsible for training new employees. There are many people from South America and Southeast Asia, but I myself have lived in Mexico for 12 years and can speak Portuguese and Spanish, so communication is no problem.

Are there any difficulties or things you need to be careful about in your work?

The important thing is to be attentive and attentive. Our job is to proceed with our work while carefully checking on the customer's situation.Most of the users of the facility are in wheelchairs and cannot walk on their own.Falls and injuries can lead to bedriddenness and must be avoided at all costs.Taking care of your body as well as your mind is important. The more people have been using the service for a long time, the more they say they want to go home. It is important to listen to the voices of these users and listen to them sincerely.

What do you find interesting, rewarding, and joyful in your work?

The users are older than me and are my seniors in life.
I'm always looking forward to hearing your stories and chatting with you all the time. I really like my current workplace, and every day is fulfilling.
I'm very grateful that everyone here, including the president, is easy-going and allows me to work while respecting my autonomy.
After work, train at the gym and pool! I was able to rest well on my days off, and I was very satisfied.

The flow of one day

Here we would like to introduce an example of the daily flow of the staff working at the Hydrangea Care Center.

morning message
Facility inspection
Vital check
Bathing assistance
staff support
Meal serving and assistance
Entering the morning's work details on the tablet
Listen to the stories of facility users
Computer input work
Role division/shift adjustment
Request for night shift

We are looking for people who can grow together through fun nursing care work!