Get to know the company

Contribute to society through nursing care.
That is Ajisai's corporate philosophy.

We believe that our role is to contribute to the development and happiness of society as a whole by providing a variety of nursing care services to many users.

know the job

Interactions between “people” and “people” lead to real fulfillment. That's the kind of workplace I am.

We provide a wide range of nursing care and welfare services tailored to the needs of our users, including the operation of paid nursing homes with day services, home-visit nursing care, home-visit nursing, and day services for people with disabilities.

Know the environment

Hydrangea Care Center is a workplace where people who are able to take the initiative to find what they need to do and take action can thrive, emphasizing the individuality and independence of each person. Of course, nursing care is a job that requires teamwork, so each person's abilities must be utilized within the group to provide high-quality nursing care services as a whole. To this end, we actively create and improve the environment, and always aim to create a better working environment where all employees can work comfortably.

Workplace tour/experience

If you don't try something, you won't know what it's like. There is no problem even if you have no experience in nursing care work. If you are interested, please come and see and experience the hydrangea workplace.

We are looking for people who can grow together through fun nursing care work!