I make customers smile with my favorite dishes.

food coordinatorVibel Tataranuma Park

芝崎 きよみ

Joined August 2010

Please tell us why you joined the company.

The president and my husband were already acquainted, so I joined the company as a caregiver at first because of that connection.
It was decided that they wanted to provide homemade meals at the facility, and since I had a chef's license, I was assigned to do the cooking.I had previously worked as a nutritionist, and I also love cooking, so I'm glad I got the chance.

Please tell us the details of your work.

We prepare all meals for the users of the four facilities, including breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, every day, 365 days a year.
The main ingredients are delivered according to the menu, but if you need to purchase other items, you may have to purchase them yourself.
There are three staff members who prepare meals for about 100 people each time, so it can be a bit of a challenge, but I love cooking so I don't mind.
I work while thinking about how to make the customers enjoy their food.

When do you find your work interesting, rewarding, and joyful?

My greatest joy is when customers say, ``It was delicious.''
I would be really happy if you could eat it without leaving any leftovers.
Sometimes we receive happy reports from staff assisting with meals, such as, ``They said it was delicious,'' and other times, we receive frank comments such as ``I think the rice was hard.'' I would appreciate it if you could tell me not only what was good, but also what was bad, as it would help me see areas for improvement.

Is there anything you are careful about when working?

Since the condition and physical condition of each user varies, the form of meals will also vary.
Some people can eat regular meals, while others need to chop ingredients into small pieces, and others can only eat if they are made into a paste. As there are many facilities, there are also many types of meals to prepare. We take the time and effort to ensure that food is served in an easy-to-eat condition to prevent food from choking or being swallowed.

The flow of one day

Here we would like to introduce an example of the daily routine of the staff working at the Hydrangea Care Center, including the food coordinators.

Breakfast preparation and meal format support (chops, paste, etc.)
Serving food
Delivery to other facilities
Tidying up/washing up
Preparing and cleaning up lunch
Preparing dinner and breakfast (next day)
Homemade snack once a week
Providing dinner

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