The emphasis is on autonomy.
Take on challenges without fear of failure.

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吉楽 香梨

Joined October 2008

Please tell us why you joined the company.

I am a certified care worker and worked in welfare for people with disabilities for about seven years before getting married.
I took a break from the welfare field for a while as my life focused on raising children, but when my child-rearing duties settled down, I was approached and decided to return.
When I joined the company, I mainly provided home-visit care, but as more facilities were completed one after another, I worked there for a long time as a care worker. Now, I am away from the field and am working to make the entire facility and company better.

Please tell us the details of your work.

My main job is to manage the entire company.Specifically, this includes staff schedule management, shift creation, work related to facility operations, work related to opening new facilities, and management of various services such as visiting nursing.Since there are many facilities, we must respond to each problem and issue.
The most important part of my job is "facing people." There are no right answers and no goals, but it is definitely a rewarding job.

Are there any difficulties or things you need to be careful about in your work?

I believe that the important thing in solving various problems is that there is no single correct answer.Past experience and knowledge are of course important, but none of them are "absolute".I always try to act while keeping in mind that unless I constantly think about new things using "zero-based thinking," there will be no new discoveries.

Please give a message to those who are job hunting.

I want them to believe in themselves and try various things without fear of failure.We welcome people who are willing to take on challenges, and we believe that our company has a corporate culture where you can do what you want to do.There's a lot to learn from failure, so it's important that you don't be afraid to take what you learned and apply it to the next step.
How do you think and act? We are a company where autonomy is respected.

The flow of one day

Here we will introduce an example of the daily flow of the staff working at Hydrangea Care Center, including one from a director.

Cleaning and various preparations
schedule check
Desk work (morning)
Tour the facility and interview
Business management
Telephone consultation

We are looking for people who can grow together through fun nursing care work!