Responsible for important application work alone.
My future goal is to train the next generation.

General affairs and administrationmain office

石原 隆

Joined August 2012

Please tell us why you joined the company.

My previous job was in a field completely different from nursing care.The customer at that time was an employee of Hydrangea, so we got to know each other and ended up working in the nursing care field.
I gained experience by assisting users at the site, maintaining the environment, and sometimes working night shifts, and was then entrusted with the role of facility manager.
Due to some health issues, I am currently working in general affairs rather than providing nursing care.

Please tell us the details of your work.

I am mainly in charge of various application work to the government.As the number of facilities has increased considerably, it is necessary to prepare and submit various application documents, which takes time and effort.
When it comes to welfare-related work, there are inevitably many types of work, and communication with government offices and prefectural offices becomes complicated, so it can be difficult.I mainly work at a desk in an office, but I sometimes get to tour various facilities and attend inspections of fire departments and government offices.

How about your work-life balance and working environment?

Holidays are one day on weekdays and two days a week on Sundays.I have a chronic heart condition, so I can't push myself too hard, but the company understands this and allows me to work at my own pace.When I was young, I played in a band in Tokyo with the aim of becoming a professional, but recently I started playing the guitar again.On my days off, I spend my time relaxing surrounded by my collection of about 20 guitars.

Please tell us about your future goals and challenges you would like to try.

Currently, I am in charge of this work alone, so my immediate goal is to train people who can take over from me.
The main task of application work is document preparation, but there are some unique aspects, and specialized knowledge is required to complete the job properly.
Relationships and personal connections with other parties, such as government offices, are also important, so I would like to pass on such skills and know-how to my successors.

The flow of one day

Here we will introduce an example of the daily flow of staff working at the Hydrangea Nursing Care Center, who are in charge of general affairs and administration.

Desk work in the morning (document checking)
Create application documents
Facility inspection.
Visits to government offices, insurance offices, prefectural offices, etc
Meeting with vendors

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