Know the environment

Hydrangea care center in numbers

We have summarized various data on the staff working at Hydrangea Care Center in an easy-to-understand manner.
We are continuing to improve the environment to create a more comfortable workplace.

Male to female ratio







Age group

  • 6people

  • 26people

  • 39people

  • 52people

  • 66people

  • 75people

  • 40people

  • 7people

Number of qualified persons

Helper level 2
Nursing care support specialist
Nursing care beginner training
care worker
social worker
Social worker supervisor
Associate nurse

Employment status


114 people


197 people

number of rooms

398 rooms



Introduction to training system

New employees and inexperienced employees will be assigned a supervisor to provide one-on-one guidance.
Regardless of the type of job, we aim to improve individual skills through various training sessions and seminars, while emphasizing horizontal relationships and sharing information.

Implementation of in-house training and seminars

Meetings are held once a week for each facility, and discussions and presentations are held based on issues issued by the headquarters. The issues to be addressed are various issues and topics related to nursing care services. For example, we hold discussions using pamphlets related to preventing customer abuse, and training on home-visit nursing, which the entire group is focusing on. By allowing everyone to share the same information, regardless of job type, such as clerical, nursing, or managerial, results will be more easily reflected in actual work.

Training for inexperienced people

Even if you have no experience in nursing care work or do not have qualifications such as nursing care worker initial training, you can acquire the necessary qualifications while working.
After learning the basic knowledge of the job, those with no experience will work with the staff in charge and receive guidance starting from physical care on the actual site. The ``Hydrangea style'' is to study while actually moving your body and using your brain in the field. By verbalizing their work and providing guidance to new employees, it will also lead to improving the skills of the instructors. We will provide detailed guidance, including nursing care techniques, etiquette, and knowledge.

Support for acquiring qualifications

We provide generous support to staff who are aiming to acquire qualifications such as nursing care staff beginner training, various practical training, and care worker certification.
You can pay for the exam, attend seminars, and attend school while working.
By acquiring qualifications and stepping up, the range of work will expand. We believe that this will be a great benefit not only to the individual employees, but also to the entire Hydrangea Group.

About welfare benefits

In order to create a more comfortable working environment, we are also focusing on enhancing various welfare programs.
We provide a variety of services tailored to the trends of the times and the needs of our employees.

  • Fully equipped with various social insurance

  • Various qualification allowances

  • Use of preferential treatment at members-only hotels

  • Defined contribution pension as retirement allowance

  • Distributing Gunma Crane Thunders game tickets

  • Invited to a comfort trip after 10 years of service

  • Family discount available for facility use

We are looking for people who can grow together through fun nursing care work!