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History of Hydrangea Care Center

March 2005
Opened a visiting nursing care office in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture.
May 2005
Opened home care support office
July 2005
Started nursing care taxi business
June 2006
Opened a visiting nursing care office in Ota City, Gunma Prefecture.
November 2006
Outing support service receives “Gunma’s Recommended Service Award”
October 2007
Started in-home care business based on the Independence Support Act
January 2009
Opening of nursing care prevention laboratory at day service office
April 2010
Akagi Hills, a housing facility for the elderly with services, opens.

Since then, we have opened a total of 14 housing units for the elderly (with day services) by 2022.
In 2018, we also started "Visiting Nursing Station Ai Sansan," further expanding our business field.

We use the word ``Vibel'', which means ``rich life'' in French, for the serviced housing for the elderly that we operate.Our desire is to provide services that will make our users feel that they have lived a good life.

We named our day service ``Diversity'' (meaning diversity in French).An important theme is how to provide optimal services to each user, who has a variety of individualities such as lifestyle, age, level of care, and chronic illnesses.We provide training and guidance to our employees so that they can make decisions and act autonomously.

Message from the president to job seekers

Japan is currently in a state of super-aging society, and the percentage of the population aged 65 and over (aging rate) continues to rise.On the other hand, as the number of nuclear families increases, it is difficult for the elderly to receive the supervision and support of their families.In response to such changes in society, we believe that it is our job and mission to support the elderly on behalf of their families.
In recent years, collaboration between medical care and nursing care has progressed in order to support the strained medical field.The ``nursing work'' that we engage in provides elderly people with a ``little crutch'' and support in their daily lives.
Hydrangea Nursing Care Center is based in Gunma Prefecture and provides services such as paid nursing homes, senior housing with services, home-visit nursing care, in-home nursing care support, day care (day service), and nursing taxis.We aim to be a company that can provide peace of mind to many people as a safety net for an aging society.

Director of Hydrangea Care Center
Keiko Suzuki

To this end, each employee must make decisions and act autonomously, and do what is necessary at the moment, regardless of job type or role. The entire team is required to provide nursing care services with a high level of satisfaction through close and three-dimensional cooperation = One Heart.

We always think and act on how we can make our customers happy. The reward is your own personal growth, which is irreplaceable. Tomorrow I will be able to see things a little more broadly and think a little more deeply than I can today. Would you like to experience such happiness through work with us?

Basic philosophy/policy


We aim to contribute to society by providing nursing care services.


Un pour tous, tous pour un
One for all, all for one.
Be a person who can think and act independently and contribute to the team.

We are looking for people who can grow together through fun nursing care work!