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Hydrangea Nursing Center job/occupation introduction

This is a workplace where you can value your individuality and work with "one heart" alongside colleagues you can trust.

Rather than focusing on individual job types, we work together as a team, understanding each other's work content, thinking about what we can do for our customers, and working together as a team.

Care workers

Our job is to support our users in their daily lives and help them enjoy their time with peace of mind.You must always treat people with kindness, be considerate of other tasks, and cooperate with all employees.It is possible to work styles that emphasize the wishes and characteristics of employees, such as day shifts or night shifts.
For nursing care facilities, nursing care workers are important occupations that form the basis of services.We have created a system that allows even those with no experience to learn the work well and continue working for a long time.Many of the nursing care workers are foreigners, and Ajisai Nursing Care Center is actively hiring them.

home helper

This job is to visit people who are receiving care or support at home and support them with their daily lives.
Broadly speaking, there are two types of care: ``physical care'' for people with physical disabilities, and ``household assistance'' that helps with general housework such as shopping, cooking, and cleaning.
Users' homes are not necessarily barrier-free, and their daily lifestyles vary widely.Careful communication and actions are required, with consideration and compassion, and being attentive to the requests and needs of the users and the families being cared for.

care manager

In order to receive nursing care services, it is essential to create a care plan, which is a written plan for using government services.The care manager will formulate a care plan for the client (elderly or disabled) and will act as a liaison with the government to support them in receiving appropriate services.We determine what kind of services are needed and collaborate with nursing care and medical facilities to provide effective care.While building strong relationships of trust with our users' families, we help them find the services they truly need.


In addition to daily health management and medication care such as checking the users' vitals, we also perform medical procedures such as insulin injections and treatment of bedsores and wounds, which are difficult for nursing staff, to support healthy living at the facility.The work content varies depending on the time and location, such as nursing work at a day care service, visiting nursing for residents in a facility, and other work within the facility.While carefully assessing the condition of our users, we respond to even the smallest changes in health, and sometimes collaborate with affiliated doctors and clinics to provide appropriate nursing and medical services.

clerical job

All facilities operated by Hydrangea Care Center have their own administrative staff.The main duties include billing to various governments and processing the user's self-pay portion.
As a customer contact point, our duties cover a wide range of areas, including answering telephone inquiries, providing guidance to those who come to tour our facilities, and providing explanations when signing contracts.
They play an unsung role by working closely with the staff at each facility to provide better service and operate facilities where people can live comfortably.

We are looking for people who can grow together through fun nursing care work!