I would like to use day service, what should I do?
Day service is one of long-term nursing care services such as nursing care. Nursing care services are services that utilize visiting nursing care, oral nursing care, nursing care insurance system.
So, how can I use the long-term care insurance system?
The nursing-care insurance system aims to socialize nursing care and aims to be able to welcome old people with confidence. Prepare a nursing-care insurance card sent from your local municipal office and call the hydrangea care center. Nursing care state, need support state, please be relieved even those who have not been certified yet. We will accept consultation.
What kind of nursing care service is available?
At the hydrangea care center, home helpers visit their homes, visit nursing care that provides nursing care services such as meals and laundry, and day service (nursing home care) can be picked up at your house and you can spend the day at our facility . Currently, there are 7 day service facilities centering on Toho area. We will accept it in your local place.
Do you have a care manager?
Yes, we do. Please do not worry because we can respond to consult at any time.
How much will it cost?
In principle, you can use it at 10% or 20% of the burden depending on the degree of nursing care of the user.
Please contact us for further details.


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